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You Can Do It! - Toldos

One of the prerequisites in becoming a rabbi is that you experience at least one moment in an Uber/Taxi, train, plane, or on the street that Is called a mivtzoyim story. Last Friday, on veterans day, my Uber driver who is a veteran, was wearing a hat to express his respect for his fallen comrades in the vietnam war. I asked him if he had any advice for the young people out there. He told me that every person has a chance to work hard at anything and make it theirs. If you keep at something, you'll get there.

This week's parsha is Toldos. Parshas Toldos taught me the drive to act on ideas. For example, Yaakov realized that he couldn't let Eisav get the brochos from Yitzchak. He therefore tried to get to his father before his brother.

Life is simple. If you try, chances are that you will succeed. If not, at least you have experience. If you were to not try at all, nothing would be gained. It is your choice: will you make life yours or waste it? Choose one thing at a time and go after it. Will you not try because it is too hard? Join me this week as I take on something that I want to own and we can own it together as we bring moshiach together!

All the best!

Good shabbos

Avroham Y Ross

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