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You Are The Commanding Officers! - Tzav

As I was packing up to go home for pesach, I thought of a mashal relating to the army in which there is a commanding officer. This guy gets paid to scream at you all throughout the day. Won't it be better if he told you in a nice calm voice that your gun is jammed and it wont fire properly? The answer I came to brought me to another example. Sometimes your mother asks you to take out the garbage and in order to get your attention she may need to raise her voice, which is the same thing as the officer, if he walked around without doing his job, no one would get trained.

This week's parsha is called tzav. We learn that the title means command. In this case, moshe is giving over the commandments which we will then use to be the commanding officers. Although we are constantly getting trained in order to train others, some see the torah comparable to a never silenced commanding officer. Keep shabbos, kashrus, say these words or don't do that! There are so many instructions to process, that we sometimes ask what is the method of success in any commanding context. 

Just as in the case of an army drill, we take one step forward until we nail the exercise. With commandments or mitzvos, we have to use the same method. Start with something easy and challenge yourself down the road until the way of Torah becomes your way!

Good Shabbos

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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