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What's The Meaning?- Happy Pesach!

In less than a week we will be sitting down at the seder table dipping potato in salt water, saying the Ma Nishtana and eating lettuce in matzah sandwiches. But what does that mean to you and me? Every year Pesach we celebrate going out of Mitzrayim. We sit around the table doing strange things that we don't do everyday. What is the purpose of these actions?

Last week we started sefer Vayikra. If Sefer Vayikra was compared to the first two sefarim it would be considered un-exciting, how so then could this sefer be such a major part of our life today? The answer is that Sefer Vayikra and pesach have key messages and lessons that every single person needs to learn to enhance their lives.

Every year some look at pesach as a challenging holiday. Doing things that are un-usual isn't always very tasteful. But what if we were stuck in the situation of Mitzrayim? What if it was us this past year still stuck in a terrible golus? What if we were forced away from our identity and scheduled to be enslaved for hundreds of years?

The answer lies in this scenario. Every year we are the people in golus. Every year we are being forced from our private identities, and we don't do much about it. Sefer Vayikra and Pesach teach us key messages about the mishkan and how to be better among ourselves to bring closer the coming geulah. The sooner we realize it isn't just for the past generations but for the present generation, we can live Pesach to the fullest. Let’s use all the messages of the next few Parshiyos in order to bring the geulah and be re-united with all our loved ones.

Have a Chag Kasher V Sameach!*

Have an amazing shabbos!

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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