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I only want the KING!! - Pesach

With the help of Hashem and His overwhelming blessings, I will be celebrating my birthday physically unified with all of you in Yerushaliam on Acharon Shel Pesach. If Chas V'Shalom that plan fails, we will still be celebrating, just virtually. I want to thank you all for your support throughout my journey and I hope that we can share many more great moments in the future!

Recently, I have been learning a Chassidic Discourse called BeYom Ashei-Asar. In this Maamer, the Rebbe addresses the differences between wanting the king (Hashem) and worshipping the stars. Worshipping the stars like any real world pleasure doesn't require a lot of effort, however, if a person does so they will not receive any sustainable reward. Alternatively, wanting the king is more difficult, however, this requires us to do spiritual work even if that means foregoing material prosperity. Practically, let’s focus on getting closer to Hashem by taking on a mitzvah and making Him our King.

A birthday is the day that Hashem said that the world can’t go on without you. Every person is on this earth because they have a specific mission. By doing good deeds and acts of kindness, we contribute to sustaining the world. Hopefully you will join me over the next couple of days by adding a mitzvah or some torah learning to help make this world a better place and hasten the redemption!

Good Shabbos / Good Moed

All the best

Avrohom Y Ross

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