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What a fight keep it going for moshiach - Vayechi

A few weeks ago I was learning the halachas about getting up in the morning and I learnt  that every person should get up like a lion. We all have something  called the yetzer hora who makes it a very big challenge to fulfill our obligation.

In this weeks parsha, parsha`s vayechi. We end one era, way of life and start over for the next. A very big part in this transformation is the tribe of yehudah-the lion/the fighter. The one that tries for many years to get to a goal falling many times before finally succeeding.

Life is, was, and always will be a fight. We have to take yehudah as an  example of life and fight.  shove that in front of us like a sword which will  definitely weaken and  defeat the darkness clearing the world bit by bit and bringing moshiach.

Moshiach now All the best Good shabbos Avroham ross

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