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Do it for a day! Vayechi

Last weekend I went to Morristown for shabbos. Being in Morristown again inspired me to make a new Hachlata (resolution) about davening with a minyan. As the week progressed, I was thinking about the idea of taking on a Hachlata and potentially not keeping it. When I was in eighth grade, my teacher gave us an assignment on this topic. I was fascinated by the question and decided to give my own answer. I was thinking about the question and decided that if people stop making resolutions then the desire to take on something new will dry up. Therefore, when I wrote my report, I explained that we need to keep getting inspired and making resolutions. Sometimes I take on something new and eventually the motivation dries up. The difference between taking on something new for a short time and not doing anything is that I did something amazing for that time. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that a person should do something today that they didn't do previously. With this thought in mind, maybe this week we can take on a reasonable hachlata just for the day. The reason is because it's easy to get motivated for one day. Hopefully, with all the increased good in the world, Moshiach will come right now! Good Shabbos All the best Avroham Y Ross

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