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Transforming others through love! - Vayishlach

Every person just through being someplace can have a effect on another. Sometimes this effects your soul in a good way and unfortunately other times it isn't so good for your soul. We have a choice, history lies in our hands you and i can be that good influence on another person and maybe change the world.

In this weeks parsha it says as Yaakov was getting ready to meet his brother and he hid Dina in a box. Their is a question asked, why did Yaakov hide Dina in a box? The answer to the  question  is that Yaakov didn't want Dina to get negatively influenced. Maybe Dina could have spoke to Yaakov's brother and got to his heart I guess Yaakov didn't want to take chances. As I said before every person who wants to has a power to talk to the soft spot of someone's else's  heart and change them and the world forever.

Everybody was put down on this world to complete a goal, I hope that we can complete our personal goals as well as my goal of bringing us out of this terrible golus to the height of geulah with the descent of the third bais hamikdash in the near future.

Good Shabbos MASHIACH NOW Avroham Y Ross

all the best

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