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The Simple Life Of A Fish! - Mishpatim

Imagine you are a fish! To the outside world, you are swimming in your bowl the entire day seemingly accomplishing nothing. Your entire world is in a bowl so there is no other world beyond it. But for us, who have seen the outside world and all that it has to offer, we want you to have the same view of the world as we do.

In the above-mentioned example, the fish thinks that his world is perfect, but we think it can be improved. We walk around on our world thinking that everything is perfect. We get into routines that don't get changed for a long time. In truth, a higher power is always there who sees how we can do better.

In this week's parsha, Parshas Mishpatim, we read through many of the laws from Har Sinai! Many think that these laws are telling us nonsense. It is just the human telling the fish that he needs to get out of the bowl and explore the world. In essence the human sees something the fish doesn't, which is that there is an entire world out there to experience and if the fish doesn't get out of the bowl, he will miss it!

My friends, that is what this week's parsha is talking about. Hashem is asking us, Do you really need the fake world or would you like to “see the world”? In order to do so, we have to realize the reason for all these commandments.

The reason why parents give their kids rules is so that they won't do anything that could G-d forbid hurt them. That is the reason why Hashem put these laws in front of us and by doing so, he could take us out of our bowl to see the world!

Let us internalize the reason why this Parsha is so critical to our existence, and hopefully we can live by it, by taking advantage with Hashem's kindness. Hopefully with Hashem's help we can change the world that we were introduced to, into something we can introduce to others!

Good Shabbos

Mashiach Now

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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