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The Shabbos for Sefira - Lag Baomer

For all you people with hard daily lives, I am absolutely with you! Those of you who never get a break no matter what you say or do, I stand with you. Even those of you who have the easiest life on the outside, but it is mentally straining inside, I stand with you. I have just given three examples of three differently stressed people.

Every single person has a hard day, week, or month. In every situation, the reason why a person still stays standing is because they look forward towards something. In my own situation, when I come into school on a tuesday or wednesday, I look forward to Shabbos, in order to get out of my week and give me a break for the next one. Sometimes when you have a trouble at hand, if you sit down and take a minute to internalize it, you can come back from that “break” and be able to crush whatever the struggle is.

In this week’s parsha, Parshas Behar, we bring up this exact point. The sabbatical for the growing things,still comes across with the same message. use the “break” as a rejuvenator, to get back to the problem at hand when you are stronger. The same way the trees take a little break, so to we should use that break to face the fight.

Enjoying life may not be mandatory, but it’s needed for most. I beg of every jewish person or person in general, who’s faced with a issue. Take this message of shabbos, use the message of shabbos.

I hope that with that the world can be re-united with each other, and our loved ones. We should hope that in the essence of me taking on the challenge to make a difference in the world, others should join me as we bring upon a chain reaction to the world. With that, I hope the chain of torah, mitzvos, chassidus, and every other piece of holiness, should expand out using the form of nature and bring Mashiach right now.

Good Shabbos

ALL the best

Avroham Yehudah Ross!

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