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The Roller Coaster Of Life - Emor

Some people don't always realize what it means to have the gift of life. The world's biggest fear comes true when people who have the potential to do great things realize that potential when it's too late.

Yesterday my yeshiva went to an amusement park. As someone once told me, ”Life is like a roller coaster." This thought kept popping back into my head throughout the day. A friend of mine decided I needed to get the full "roller coaster experience". Reluctantly I agreed and decided to go with him. One of the rides I went on had a drop which felt like I was falling from a building four stories high. As I was strapped into a machine falling towards the earth, even though i knew the machine would not hit the ground but rather bring  me back up. I still got affected by the thoughts of HASHEM and the meaning of life.

In this week's parsha, we read about not holding a grudge on someone.  A holy yid who davens in my school told me that a person who is holding a grudge on someone is like he is holding his breath in an area of clean air.

If you look closely enough at the world, you can realise that HASHEM has set it up in a perfect sequence. I see the world today as a cause and effect system. Let me explain. In this world we have many things we can realize so our world will function better. If someone realizes that holding a grudge takes time, that is so precious and pure, he/she won't spend precious time holding something over a friend's head. Just like a person will not purposely hold their breath in clean air.

Many, many years ago G-D promised us something and has not given it yet. Do you think we should hold a grudge? The answer in my opinion is absolutely not. The reason it hasn't happened is because something wasn't taught yet or something wasn't done. Instead of holding a grudge let's all together myself included take on a small action, of picking up one thing from each other. Instead of chas v shalam using something someone did or said for negative lets use it for positive and bring MASHIACH!

Lets change the world together!

Good Shabbos

All The Best!!

Avroham Yehudah Ross

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