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The fight is long from over! - Nitzavim

Today in school during leining, someone placed a chumash down in front of me open to a random page in this weeks parsha, parshas nitzovim. I decided to look at the pesukim to find something for tonight. And had a question. Will we still have freedom of choice when Moshiach comes? From what I've learnt, it seems like we will automatically do the right thing, without any decisions to make. Won't life be pretty boring?

The answer I found is when Moshiach comes, there won't be the many layers of confusion that makes life difficult now. Priorities will change. We will sense the importance and beauty of Torah and Mitzvos. Being generous with others will be a natural. Divine wisdom will shine through every aspect of the world and with the truth so obvious, who will be able to do anything wrong? However, good versus evil is not the only decision we make in life. There's another sort of free choice too one that will even apply when Moshiach comes. Good versus better. Today, the question is often whether or not we do a certain mitzva. When Moshiach comes, it will be to what extent we do that Mitzvah. Will we push ourselves to the max or just be satisfied with a regular job?

Today, we choose between using our talents for good things or bad things. When Moshiach comes, we will choose between nurturing those talents even further or just letting them be. I think this answers my question. Obstacles give us excitement. They provide us with a drive for life. When Moshiach comes, that drive will be there but only in a different form. Today, our battle is between good and bad. With evil working against us, we gotta make the right decisions.

As the Talmud tells us, "Tzadikim have no rest, neither in this world, nor in the next." , "We should go from strength to strength and not give up till moshiach comes.

Good shabbos to all

Moshiach Now


Avroham Y Ross

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