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Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Earlier this week, I started talking to many different people about what davening means to them. In one particular conversation, I asked, "why do we need to say words out of a siddur when a relationship between Hashem should be from our heart without a book?" The answer was as follows; Originally, people would use their own words to daven. Eventually they couldn't find what to say and, therefore, our rabbis instituted the siddur. The siddur gives each person words to say and, therefore we'll remember all the words of praise and prayer when the time comes." During this past week, as the days leading to Rosh Hashana fade away, it reminds me of an idea about the month of Elul. The Chassidic discourse of Ani L'dodi discusses at length that during these months the motivation is strong. Due to that, we need to make ourselves a vessel for the upcoming months by absorbing all of the energy. In order to fill our vessel, we should increase in our acts of good and kindness. This way, when the motivation isn't so strong, the motivation that was stored previously would be ready to use. Truthfully, davening isn't easy for me. I embarked on this journey to find out more about prayer because I am confident that whoever has trouble with it can come together with me and we can work on it. Based on the previously mentioned principle of making a vessel and filling it with motivation I would like to propose that this week we each take just one prayer to fully internalize. Even if this month was spent doing nothing, I believe that this one prayer will build the vessel. Through that, we can interpret the words in the siddur so that it's like our own. Hopefully soon, the prayers will become very mighty and the gates of heaven will burst open revealing moshiach and the ultimate redemption. Good Shabbos All the best Avrohom Y Ross

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