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Strive to fight instead of fighting to strive! - Mishpatim

You can get enslaved in life with many things, and you will be stuck with it possibly forever. Many tests are hard, . But we have to realize each person has the power to pass it like nothing because iit all comes from the mind. Many times we get sucked into something we don't want to. We get forced to do things that if circumstances were normal we wouldn't. We forget who we are, and become a enslaved person.

In this weeks parsha, parshas mishpatim. It talks About slaves, and at one point it talks about a slave who doesn't want to leave where he worked. A slave that doesn't want to leave could be for a few reasons. If he gets nice housing, good meals and maybe. If he doesn't have better conditions at home. He could be close to his host making it hard to leave. Or three, its just the fact that he would rather stay, than go back to his boring life.

Let's not get sucked into slavery and if we do we will only make it out together. From today on I want to take the opportunity to strive in the places I have fallen. I want to help as many people as I can to overcome whatever it is and fight for the right to live. I believe it's worth it and I hope you do to! Let us all take that final attempt, with that huge surge of energy and bring ourselves out of the ashes. Let us stand once more TOGETHER & STRONG forever.

Moshiach now Good shabbos All the best Avroham Yehudah Ross

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