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Regret?! Fix That - Shoftim!

As the end of this summer fast approaches, it's a good time to look back on the things we regret during this time. One may ask why we should focus on the past when life is about moving forward. The answer is that regret about an action can drive a person to do that action with greater motivation and enthusiasm, or in some cases stay far away from it.

This week's parsha is Shoftim. In this portion we read about the judges which we appointed over the nation. When a person goes in front of a judge after getting a ticket, the goal is that they regret the decision which they made and therefore won't do it again. This same point is true when you regret not taking initiative for something. After regretting this, it will drive you to the goal faster.

The lesson we can take from this is when you think about taking a chance even if it's scary, do it because otherwise you will regret it. On another instance a person Chas V'Shalom did something wrong, we can regret the action and change ourselves for the better! Let's spend this weekend in yerushalayim, NO MORE GOLUS!

Moshiach Now Good Shabbos All the best

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