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Pick a route and choose it wisely! - Chukas

This week i got reminded as my mind floated to a different place from the mildest memories, that life has many routes and you gotta weave your way to take the right one. Here is my story which I ties into a lesson.

One day I am sitting with a bunch of friends in school. This group is a mix trouble makers and others. The trouble makers are doing something really fun and dangerous, which could and will ruin my life in the future if I joined them. Or There are the regulars/others who are the guys who are bored most of the time but are building something for the future by not being involved with this fun.

I got a choice to make! Fun for a day then sadness for life or sadness for a few days but I get pure happiness.

In this weeks parsha, Parshas chukas there were two paths forming, one where we complained and were not happy with what we had and one where we were quiet were happy because we got what we needed. Again where do we go which way? Which group? Lets make sure that if i have a choice to make that it is chose carefully.

Have a amazing shabbos 

All the best

Mashiach Now 

Avroham Y Ross

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