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Light Up The World! _ V & P

Last Friday, just as shabbos was coming in, there was a storm and the power shut off in yeshiva. The most amazing thing happened, instead of being depressed because it was hard to see, that night became one of the best Friday nights I ever experienced. However, just hearing that someone had a good shabbos does not translate into everyone sharing in the awesome shabbos vibes.

In this week's double parsha, Hashem had Moshe gather the Jewish people to reiterate the importance of shabbos. This idea is reinforced when Moshe asked them for materials that would be used to build the mishkan. How much did they give? They gave so much that Moshe had to start sending materials away. Now, one would ask, what does the mishkan have to do with shabbos?! The answer to this question and a lesson we can take is as follows.

All Hashem wants us to do is try. Look at the materials for the mishkan! All He did was ask and all we did was give. The result was the Jews giving an overwhelming amount of donations. This can be used as a lesson for shabbos as well. Shabbos was coming and, by believing in Hashem that it will be good, we created a situation that was an over abundance of good. For us, we gotta keep getting ready. We need to keep trying and having absolute faith that, no matter what, moshiach will be here to turn the lights on before shabbos is out.

Good Shabbos

All the best! Avroham Y Ross

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