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Keep it in mind! - Bechukosai

Have you ever heard this statement from your parents before?  “If you do this, or put this there, or say this then I will make sure to do __ for you”. For example, I really want to go on an adventure and travel around the world. In order for me to do so, I will have to raise funds, make arrangements and drive my parents mad so they will let me go! (I'm kidding)

In this week's Parsha, Parshas bechukosai it states two pesukim which caught my eye. One is the first Pasuk as follows. “If you follow my laws and are careful to keep my commandments I will provide for you etc.  The second posuk that caught my eye later on talks about how a person who keeps the covenant with HASHEM, will get what is about to follow. “I will therefore remember the original covenant that which I brought the forefathers out of mitzrayim." These two pesukim are very similar in my mind and I will explain why.

In the first Pasuk and similarly my story, HASHEM or my parents are telling me to fulfill a certain commandment. In the second Pasuk and in my story, because of the action this will happen.

The message I take from this is brief and can change someone's life and possibly the world. In these few paragraphs it taught me a lesson of cause and effect. If for example in the next few days I try not to waste too much time with unimportant things, it will change the atmosphere of my life. So too, if every person takes on a short, small thing like this it can change your life.

To recap what was just said. In order to get you have to give. Let's remember that moving forward as we look to bring this golus to an end!

Moshiach Now!

Good shabbos to everyone!!

All the best!!!

Avroham Yehudah Ross

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