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Just passing through! - Shelach

I heard a story from a friend today about a chassidish rebbe. This rebbe always had a bag packed in case mashiach came. One Friday afternoon this rebbe was expecting his son to come home for shabbos from yeshiva and was going to the mikvah in honor of shabbos. When this rebbe was in the mikva his shammas ran in saying "he is here,he is here". Without thinking this rebbe ran out got dressed grabbed his already packed bag, thinking it was mashiach and very quickly found out that it was not geulah yet. In every persons head we want something to happen, if its good or bad, no matter the circumstances. In this weeks parsha we read about the spies, the spies and the rest of the Bnie Yisroel wanted very eagerly to go into eretz yisroel. The problem with them going in according to the spies is that the giants would wipe them out. In both these cases there is a goal of Yerushaliam. In the first case disappointment fills the air and teaches us that the world wasn't ready yet. In the second case there is a physical blockade and HASHEM helps us get through it.If all we need to do is work on ourselves which has a mirrored affect on  others, lets continue on our campaign to change the world with that outlook and do a better job than before. MASHIACH NOW

Good Shabbos  All the best  Avroham Yehudah Ross

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