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Hashem Makes The Plan! -Vaetchanan

Before the summer months or even before a new semester at school, each individual person has to decide out of the billions of ideas and possibilities, what they are going to fill their time with. Before this specific summer I had a couple of ideas I thought were going to work out. That didn't happen, because Hashem had other plans. Just when I thought I would be doing one thing, everything drastically changed and I was doing something else. The lesson to take from this is, if you think life is going to be according to plan, don't be fooled nothing is set in stone.

This week's parsha is Parshat Vaetchanan. In Parshas Vaetchanan Moshe had a plan to enter the land of Israel. After all the hard work he put in, (bringing the yidden out of mitzrayim, the forty years in the desert and so on). Shouldn't the reward be that he can enter the land of Israel? Well no matter your answer, hashem had other plans.

Throughout the year a person can come up with billions of plans. Someone can decide something is amazing, while Hashem who sees the essence knows it isn't. If you need to experience something in an atmosphere that wasn't planned, then just know Hashem will put you someplace for that experience and when you aren't needed there anymore, he will make it that you leave after that specific experience (just like a person’s life). The lesson to take from this is as follows. A person's life may change at any second, but don't get depressed and roll with the flow. Hopefully with more people living strongly, Hashem will see we are putting effort into transforming the world and will bring mashiach!

Have a happy healthy shabbos! All the best! Avroham Y Ross

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