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Fly eagles Fly! - Balak

Friendship is an unbreakable bond between two ordinary people. This idea is what can save you from any situation that life throws at you. A few weeks ago, my school and I went on a  white water rafting trip. During the trip we worked together and kept afloat even during the largest waves. In the situation of a bird flying, if it stops flapping it would fall, the same idea is true with rowing the boat to our final destination.

WOW weeks and weeks have passed the parshiyos are flipping passed and we absolutely get to see leadership by moshe, aaron, yehoshua, pinchas, etc. They  took charge of our nation and brought us from golus to soon to our prized land. Someplace we could practice our own beliefs unharmed. The only way we could do that is with a leader, a strong leader someone who we are waiting for, for many years. We gotta have redemption and if we group together as friends/family and as a team maybe our leader or captain can come and help us through our troubles.

With that i wish you all a amazing shabbos whar


Good shabbos

ALL the best 

Avroham Ross 

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