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Embarking on a Journey of Faith - Re'eh

During this past week, I felt like my life was similar to a rollercoaster. Everything seemed to be going well – work, relationships, and I even got accepted into grad school. It felt like my future was super bright, and I only had positive thoughts. However, as life often does, it threw an unexpected curveball at me. In an instant, I was faced with the harsh reminder that I was not in complete control of my destiny.

Picture a scenario where one could peer into a mystical crystal ball, gaining answers to all their burning questions. Would you do it? Take, for instance, my life: one day, I was super happy and successful, and the next, I faced challenges I didn't see coming.

The word Re'eh, meaning "see," from this week’s parsha, resonated with me. Imagine seeing why things happen, perceiving the driving forces behind your achievements, and identifying why we need to struggle when cloud nine seems much more fun.

The answer to my question is not based on experience but on belief which keeps me motivated to continue. The experience of life serves as a reminder that absolute clarity doesn't come from knowing exactly what will happen. It comes from learning and growing through every experience, even the tough ones. Every problem we face, every unexpected twist, can teach us something important. Although it is challenging, I have complete faith that this experience will challenge me only so I can attain a higher level of euphoria. Even though we can't predict the future, we can shape it by being strong, learning from our experiences, and believing in something bigger than us.

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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