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Driving Towards The Final Goal! - Vayechi

Recently, I got to experience the control and responsibility of driving. Something interesting which came to mind while I was practicing (with my parents’ permission, of course) was that it seems like parents are reluctant to let their kids take that step which, to me, connected to this week's parsha.

Parshas Vayechi gives us a special perspective into our Yiddishe past in the form of Yaakov’s final days and his interactions with his sons. Unfortunately, as we progress through chumash, we will not have his physical presence in Egypt anymore. Yaakov did his best to nurture his kids in a way that they would be able to successfully lead the nation through the trials and tribulations of golus in Egypt to ultimately end up in Eretz Yisrael. It’s this point that we see in our parsha: Yaakov is handing over the reigns and saying please do good with my teachings and belongings but I trust that whatever you do will benefit the world immensely.

Many of you have started driving a long time ago and are watching as your kids do so. others are going or have simply gone through the process of receiving the trust of others with a powerful instrument. I assume this feeling is comparable to what Yaakov felt many years ago. We grow up over the years as first being a child and growing into an adult. Our parents care for us and therefore don't want to let go of control on important decisions. Hashem made it that every person has the ability to let go one day. First, we see it with Yaakov and now, similarly, with driving. Even if we don’t have children, we are all the children of Yaakov and, as such, can understand and appreciate the message of our father(s). As we continue growing and making our parents proud, keep this in mind. Hopefully then, by transforming the world we can bring Moshiach and let go of this golus fully!

Have a good shabbos, Happy Geulah day and easy fast. All the best! Avroham Y Ross

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