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Clean up and build the third temple! - Vayakhel

Have you ever planted a flower or gotten a cut? It seems that these things aren't similar, but here is the connection. Before you plant a flower, you have to clear the earth of anything that may hurt its growth. Once the ground is clean of any hazardous material you can plant your flower. The same thing applies  when you get a cut. In order to put medicine down to heal or regrow the skin, you have to clear the skin of anything hazardous.

This week's parsha, Parsha’s Vayakhel. We started rebounding from the sin of the golden calf. Once we took the first step towards repentance we were directed to build the tabernacle. In order to build a strong and everlasting building, the foundation has to be cleared physically and spiritually of anything hazardous.

In this world in order to bring on the change and creation of a new project. We have to look into our own soul and clean the affected areas. In that order starting with ourselves continuing upward let's change the world and bring Moshiach Now. MOSHIACH NOW

All The Best

Good shabbos

Avroham Y Ross

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