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Building the Mishkan in my backyard - Vayakhel

This week I was helping my little brother build his toy house in the backyard. Over the years this house went up and down weekly because we always wanted to reposition it. One of the times I moved it I remember thinking "this is a pain", why do I keep doing this?

In this weeks parsha, we are on a journey through the desert with the Mishkan (tabernacle). The yidden would travel and in each place, rebuild the Mishkan. When it was time to travel again they would pack up and leave. This process would happen week after week! But the Yidden continued travelling in the dessert with a structure as big as a full size house. But I dont want to carry a big piece of plastic?

If the Yidden could do something for Hashem, I could do something for my brother! This idea gave me strength to move on and hopefully it can give you the boost to do a mitzvah and change the world!

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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