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An open question of anger! - Ki Sisa

This week I am starting off by telling you a mashal (a parable) which will help you, in realistic and practical terms, understand what this week’s parsha is talking about, and why Moshe Rabbeinu became so angry.

Lets imagine that you have a new kid in your class, and, because he is a new kid you decide "I don't have anything to lose" by becoming his friend, so you do. Lets skip ahead a few months, you and this kid become pretty good friends, and you are doing many things to help him get used to the school. One day he decides to turn on you and start being mean to you. This probably gets you furious and everything you have ever done for this kid probably feels like it wasn’t worth it.

Now that I made you feel outraged about something that possibly happened in your life, I can tell you about the parsha. 

In this week’s Parsha Ki Sisa we read about exactly the same thing but only a few small changes. In this parsha Moshe (in our story you) has been taking care of/helping the Jewish people do many things. One day Moshe goes up the mountain and just like the story this friend (the Jewish nation) turns on him by serving the golden calf avodah zara. 

If I were Moshe, I would be annoyed, however, right after he sees what the Jews have done, Moshe goes back to Hashem to talk about giving them a set of luchos again. WHY? This question will bother me for a while so feel free to give me an answer.

Have Amazing Shabbos!

Mashiach Now!

Avroham Y Ross

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