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Keep The Goal In Mind - Ki Sissa

Purim just ended and that means Pesach is getting closer. Since Purim was on Sunday in America, and Shushan Purim was on Monday, the rest of this week has gone by fairly quickly. But it is almost Shabbos again, and therefore, it is time to uncover an original vort on this week's Parsha.

Three years ago I started writing these Divrei Torah. I took on a mission that I would write a small piece on the Parsha every week so I could send it to a few close friends and family members. Since then, not only has my list grown tremendously, I am now reaching hundreds of people weekly.Though some weeks it is tough, the motivation keeps me going. If you take on a mission and you really want to carry it out, make sure to take even the simplest action towards the goal to ensure you will get to it.

In this week's Parsha something very similar happens. The Bnei Yisroel have been on a journey from Mitzrayim to Eretz Yisroel. On the journey there were some great moments. The splitting of the sea in Beshalach, and the giving of the Torah in Yisro/Mishpatim. But in this week's parsha there is a struggle. Moshe was gone and times looked tough. A group of people decided that because they lost their leader they would find a different moral compass. The goal was still the same, but they would have to “play dirty” to get there.

The message I see from this is that a person should look at how they got to where they are. Even if things don’t go as originally thought, or planned, keep your eye on the goal and keep going. With that being said, I will try to keep in mind how I got here in three short years, and I hope that will help me to continue with the same message, and the same support that I've had throughout.

I would like to thank everyone for being the best supporters I could ask for. Let's have an amazing shabbos with the celebration of the coming of Moshiach Now.

Have an amazing shabbos!

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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