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All Around The World! - Shoftim

Yesterday afternoon i thought of something. Very recently we have had many incidents involving our police force. I want to share an important story about why you should respect the police force and follow the rules and guidelines. This story pretty perfectly fits into the very topic within this weeks parsha.

I generally live “under the radar”, While it is good to be a quiet person who does whatever he wants, i do listen to many rules. Rules aren't for my parents, teachers, or the police to have benefit. But rules are for our benefit!

A few years ago i learnt a valuable lesson that i think about pretty often today. If a person walks up to a house and see’s a gate. Should that person bust down the gate or stop and think why it is there? The answer that I was learnt when i was young is to always figure out the reason for the blockage in case I'm not wanted there. This applies with a password, a filter, a locked door etc.

In this week's parsha, parshas Shoftim we read about officers and judges.  In this story i brought up the fact that people put blockades in front of us, so we can stop and think. The same way every parent or teacher looks out for you in the sense that they make rules to keep you out of someplace is the same job the police are doing. Every day the police do a hard job of putting flags, cones, fences and blockades in front of us so we don't get hurt. Let's all stop and focus on guiding ourselves away from these obstacles. In that effort let's join together and change this world.

Moshiach now!

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avrohom Yehudah Ross

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