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A Simple Workflow - Behar

"Thought, speech, and action" symbolize a workflow for me. If I have an idea, I think about it, speak about it, and finally, do something about it. Unfortunately, in my life, there are times when I miss one of the steps. Either I think and talk about something and not do it, or I do without thinking, and finally, I think and do, but maybe I don’t communicate. The idea is that each of these three steps is fundamentally important to success. One without the other doesn’t successfully bring the idea to fruition.

Building on the ideas of thought, speech, and action, this week’s parsha, Behar, offers valuable insights into these concepts. In Behar, we see how conduct in business transactions requires honest speech, thoughtful consideration of our actions and the prohibition against acting deceitfully. For instance, the laws regarding the fair treatment of slaves and real estate transactions. Through these laws, Behar highlights the importance that thought, speech, and action have, not just on an idea “workflow” but also on other aspects of life such as business and relationships.

I believe that "thought, speech, and action" is a roadmap for bringing ideas to life. The process starts with a spark of thought, moves to verbal expression, and culminates in decisive action. Yet, sometimes, we stumble along the way, missing a step or two. Behar teaches us that it’s not just for ideas but for business, relationships, and life, too. When we integrate our thoughts, speech, and actions with our business and relationships, we can greatly enhance their quality. Please join me this week as I attempt to be conscious of the process, even for a moment, to go through the workflow and become successful.

Good Shabbos

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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