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What Are You Grateful For? - Ki Sisa

Last week, I wrote about being genuine and honest about life. This prompted a close friend to propose a joint challenge where we could share our raw feelings about ourselves. Throughout the week, we wrote down what we were grateful for, what we could and could not control within our lives (both positive and negative), and things we would like to do.

With the hope of fulfilling today’s challenge. I want to take a moment to show my gratitude to you, the reader, for your weekly unwavering support. Over the past ten years, I have written 339 articles, and I never imagined when I began this journey that I would be where I am today. Despite the challenge of writing every week, I continue to do so because writing has been highly beneficial to me, and I hope that it is helpful to you as well. I cannot control how long it takes to generate an idea or present it in a readable way, but I can control the fact that I keep writing even if I dedicate multiple hours to the cause every Thursday. (Did I mention that this entire operation is entirely volunteer and mostly self-funded? Let me know if you would like to contribute 😉 😉 ) My ultimate goal is to make something meaningful from my journey, whether by writing a book, establishing an organization, or pursuing other opportunities. That is my plan for what I would like to do, and I look forward to when I can focus on making it a reality.

This week’s parsha is Ki Sisa. The words Ki Sisa mean “When you will raise up.” Everything has interpretations, but this is what I thought when I read this translation. This week’s parsha surrounds the events of the Golden Calf. Ki Sisa means to me that, "You may have fallen in the moment, but you will rise again.” It is not a question of "If" but a factor of "when". Keep working hard because it is only a matter of time. The golden calf set the Jewish people back in their journeys and taught them a valuable lesson. So, too, with us now. Yes, we make mistakes, but we also have the opportunity to learn and grow from them to ultimately reach our goals.

This week, I reflected on the things I can and cannot control. I found it helpful to focus on what I am grateful for and think constructively about any failures or setbacks I have experienced. Rather than dwelling on them, I used them as opportunities for growth and learning. I also reminded myself that “I will rise again.” As a challenge to you, I encourage you to take some time to write out a list of things you are grateful for, as well as the things you can and cannot control in your life. Additionally, think about what you did not accomplish but plan to work towards soon. I would be interested to hear about your progress and experiences! Hopefully, it can lead to an amazing, authentic experience.

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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