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Trusting others! - Miketz

There was a incident that i heard a few months ago as follows. Their was a kid who decided to stand straight and fall fully backwards into his brothers hands, i am not going to say what happened afterwards because it doesn't matter. But the amount of trust that one of the brothers had on his other brother that he fell and still didn't fall to the floor  is very impressive.

This weeks parsha is pashas miketz, is one  of the three parshsiyos of yosef.  Yosef has had many  struggles and this week he gets thrown into jail. In jail he meets the butler and the baker, two people who work for Pharaoh. He  explains their scary dreams and then later  they get let out of jail. He tells them to ask  Pharaoh to let him out. Over a while the butler and baker forget about yosef. At this point yosef  turns to his father in heaven and ask for his redeeming. Their is a commentary that says that because yosef didn't trust in HASHEM the whole time and he trusted the butler and baker it took a lot longer. Once Yosef  decided to trust HASHEM he got let out of jail and got let up the ranks of Pharaoh

Trust is a very big thing in life and until you get it you don't get very far, i hope that every person is trusted to a fair share and so to trust other people that same way.

Lets have more trust in hashem that he will bring mashiach now!

Good shabbos

Mashiach now 

All the best  Avroham Y Ross

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