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Transforming The World With Kindness! - Yisro

A few years ago, I went to a day camp in the summer. During this unique summer, there was an experience that changed my life. One day, when I was having trouble playing baseball, one of the older, more experienced players came to comfort me. That day, and the following few days, this person made sure to teach me different ways to boost my confidence, and strengthen my skills in the game. Not only did he take notice of me struggling, but he came to help me with whatever I needed.

In this week's parsha, Parshas Yisro, we read the story of how Yisro left his comfort zone, and joined B’nei Yisroel in the desert. Rashi explains that Yisro saw that the nation just went through an experience and could use some advice. The pesukim continue to say that not only did he notice their distress, he came to help.

During this generation, we have seen technology advance like never before. Using technology to help people has become easy, so easy it’s even possible to stay comfortable and help people. One of the pillars of the world is kindness. In some cases, though, we see that people need to leave their comfort zone to offer that kindness. For example, at camp this boy left whatever he was doing to come and help me. In this week's parsha, Yisro left his comfortable place in life in order to go to the desert, and today, everyday, people stop what they are doing to advise others over the phone.

The message seems really clear: Hashem is making it easier and easier for us to do kindness. This week’s mission is to do just one more act of kindness, even if it's out of our comfort zones! Let's work, one step at a time, to bring Moshiach speedily!

All the Best Have an amazing shabbos! Avroham Y Ross

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