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The Smart Way To Live! - Eikev

This week I went on a road trip. During the trip, I remember seeing an advertisement that read, "This is no ordinary home. Rent the smart home!" I remember thinking, if only I could have a place like that, spreading torah come much easier.  Having a place like that though wouldn’t make life perfect. Your entire world would be controlled by a phone or tablet. Most of the daily activities done by a voice activation or a swipe…What would happen shabbos or yom tov, or when I leave my phone someplace and lose it.)

In this week's Parsha, Parshas Eikev, Moshe rebuked the nation for the past mistakes. The way I interpreted a specific one of the Jewish people's mistakes being the golden calf, was as follows. When moshe went away to get the torah, the Jewish people didn't have something physical to latch onto. For example,tech today. Without the iPad to turn on and off the lights, how does someone living in a smart house survive? The answer is, they don't. To live in a smart house without technology is like living in the world without a leader. So then why did Moshe rebuke us for living an impossible scenario?

Every day the world full of technology advances even more. In the metaphor we talked about how people couldn't live in a smart house without the proper tools. We also spoke about people who couldn't live without the beloved leader of the generation. The point I want to make is that the whole golus is to realize that we need a leader to survive. Living in a smart house without a smartphone is pointless just like being in this golus without moshiach. The sooner we all can take this to heart, the sooner I hope together we can make a difference and bring him. Let's transform the world together and be reunited with Moshe and all our loved ones.

Good shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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