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The Next Chapter - Chayei Sorah

Yesterday my yeshiva, Yeshiva of Miami, celebrated the opening of their new building with the placement of Mezuzos on the doors. However, it wasn’t only the placing of the Mezuzos we were celebrating. Rather, it was a celebration of an idea that finally came to fruition. It was a celebration of a single thought that developed into a major project, and during that project, no matter how many changes had to be made, we took one step at a time towards the final goal. I am glad to have been part of such an event and hope that the yeshiva will see a lot of success from the new building.

Something peculiar happened in this week's parsha that I would like to relate to this event. In this week's parsha, Parshas Chayei Sorah, we are turning a new chapter. The death of Sorah caused us to turn the page to a new leader, Rivka. In next week’s Parsha we see that not only did Rivka take on teaching the world, rather, all of Sorah’s gifts that had vanished upon her passing, returned for Rivka, so that she would be able to continue carrying out Sorah’s mission. We see from this that no matter how many obstacles we face, or how many attempts it takes, we have the power to reach our goals.

When yeshiva of Miami started, we started out in one “tent” and throughout time we changed our location, but not our vision and goal. Let’s  learn from Rivka by not losing focus of our goal to make a difference. I took on a mission to spread lots of light, and to change the world. I hope you’ll join me with my mission, or even your own. Let's take our missions and keep our eyes on the goal to make this world a better place.  

Let's bring moshiach today.

All The Best

Good Shabbos

Avroham Y Ross. 

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