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The Bigger Picture- Parsha's Vayigash!

At the end of the day, do you ever wonder why things happened the way they did? Do you think about how it could have been better if only things went differently? No matter the circumstances, I feel I can accomplish anything with the right perspective and plan, but this week’s parsha teaches me that sometimes I need to let go and trust in Hashem’s plan.

Yosef started off in Parshas Vayeshev feeling unaccepted and rejected by his brothers, who sold him, and then made him end up in prison. Last week, in Parshas Miketz, we see that Hashem pulls him out to become second to the king. In this week’s parsha, Parshas Vayigash the situation is slowly unfolding where Hashem is going to call the brothers down in order to eventually start their exile. Some may ask, why should Yaakov have to be put through all the misery just to go to golus? This answer will be clarified in a thought from the Rebbe, which can have a great influence on the way we understand the message from this week's Parsha.

The whole journey that Yosef had to take, including the feelings of being rejected, was necessary to lay the groundwork to secure a future for Yaakov when he would eventually come down to Mitzrayim. It wasn’t that hashem was deliberately trying to cause Yosef or yaakov pain, rather He was setting the stage for Jewish survival in the Golus Mitzrayim. For example, the ability to set up yeshivos in Goshen. We see from this that Yosef effected major change through the difficulties that he had to go through. So too, we should make an effort, when we are nose deep in golus to emulate Yosef. Often, it may seem like Hashem is pushing us away and bringing us pain by not bringing us home. In reality, however, He is setting up the world in a way that we can make materialism spiritual and bring about the redemption.

Mashiach Now

All the best

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Avroham Y Ross

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