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Stay strong! - Achrei Mos-Kedoshim

This  week my school started baseball-softball activity. one of the things that happened was that some people in the first week got muscle fatigue. I learnt the way to help muscle fatigue is to stop and then slowly work your way back up.

In this weeks double header Parsha, Parshas Achrie Mos-Kedoshim the topic is once again teshuva. In this case lets look at it in a way of not having to do teshuva and getting to be a God fearing Jew who keeps the Halachos of the Torah and does the Mitzvos. In baseball you want to have a strong arm which  can support a long throw from the deepest part of the outfield.

The same is so with the idea of Torah, every day on earth you keep trying to train yourself to be that person spiritually you want to be and keep backing the strong heritage you carry. When you start heading to a breakdown, pause, and start up again slowly so to avoid crashing to the ground.

DONT GIVE UP MOSHIACH IS ON HIS WAY! Moshiach now! Avroham Yehudah Ross all the best good shabbos

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