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No matter the age - Vayeitzei

Every person goes through the journey of life and we are expected to live it to its full potential. Last week my great grandfather (He should live and be well) and i had a conversation about working. He told me something inspiring that we can relate to life and the Parsha. When some people get to retirement, they stop working. Going on vacation, getting seen twice a year and doing nothing is very stereotypical. Its sad to see such talent, uniqueness and veteran presence wasted on nothing. The truth is if you are able to continue to share, don't give the rest of your life to nothing. Give it to a helpful cause and go down giving. Teach the young and uneducated a way to fill your shoes correctly!

In this weeks parsha, Parshas vayeitzie and the next few parshiyos( vayishlach, vayieshev, miketz, vayigash and vayichie). Yaakov takes a journey for hundreds of miles. Later on in the end of sefer berasishis Yaakov finishes everything he needed to do, (like having 12+ children. Being a big tzadik and in old age). But still he went down to mitzrayim and spent the remainder of his life being a Ro-model to his children grandchildren and great grandchildren.

We should learn from our ancestors to be there for people no matter what state of life were in. UNITING the people of the world to fix the world so moshiach can come. Keep your head up no matter the age and join me while we change the world together and bring.Moshiach now.

Good shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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