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Light lasts forever - Chaya Sara

In this world we have many things which teach us lessons. We can take a lesson from music, pictures, mistakes one makes, getting in trouble from school etc. Everything can have a lesson or a motivation attached, which can carry us through hard times.

In this weeks Parsha, Parsha's Chayie Sora. We read about the passing of Sora. To everybody this is a sad time because we don't have her physically. But when a person passes on we should take the good parts of their life to emulate them.

So to on a regular day, bring out the best of little things and learn from them. We as a nation have grown so far from the beginning of time, lets not give up in the little time we have left. Lots of opportunity brings Greatness so lets take the opportunity to find some.

Good shabbos

Moshiach Now

Avroham Y Ross

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