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Level up! - Yisro

Many people go through life figuring out who/what they want to become. As we find that one thing that can change our life forever, it brings us all to a new level in the world. In order to get there you will fall many times, but the real way to change yourself is to still achieve after you fall over and over again.

In this weeks Parsha, Parshas YIsro. The bnai yisroel got the Torah. We see at this point the nation was changed forever. It was a point in the life of our nation, where we learnt something new. Something that made us want to become something different entirely. As i recently mentioned, in order for the whole nation to change so drastically. Each one on his or her own level had to not only fall down once, but  fall down many times.And we achieve that even today!

This generation is so amazing each person brings whatever they got to the table as a weapon of the brightening of this nations future and the world forever. Its a effort of bending backward to change whatever this world was already used to and making it what its gotta be. With that mission in hand lets collaborate all the forces into one army, the army of am yisroel as we take on the darkness and bring MOSHIACH NOW.

Good shabbos to all 

Moshiach NOW 

All The best Avroham Y Ross

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