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Keep the heart healthy and ready for good deeds - Va'eschanan

In life there is a major need to look after ourselves, especially in the summer. We are supposed to drink lots water when outside, stay healthy and get active according to each persons personal needs.

Based on this weeks parsha, parshas Va'eschanan there is a commonly asked question. How should a person look after themselves in a healthy way? There is a discussion of answers which I will only state one. This answer was said by the Rambam. Having a totally healthy body enables us to serve HASHEM, therefore if a person is sick in any way he cant serve HASHEM with his full heart and body. So in that case a person should make sure to distance themselves from harmful things.

The same way that we shouldn’t touch harmful things neither should the people who are trying to destroy us with harmful things. That being said I give you all a bracha to continue or to start to live happy and healthy lives with the coming of mashiach speedily right now.

Moshiach Now

All the best

Good shabbos to all

Avroham Y Ross

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