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I Fear Change: Let's Embrace It - Lech Lecha

I started going to shul more often recently, which may not sound like a major shift, but it has been a challenge for me. I like talking to people but meeting new people and putting myself out there to start new relationships is not my favorite thing to do. The word change never fails to send shivers down my spine. The thought of stepping out of my comfort zone, and venturing into uncharted territory, has always scared me. I find comfort in routine, in the familiarity of my daily life. However, lately, I've come to realize that to truly grow and evolve, change is necessary.

This week’s parsha is one of my favorites. It begins with Hashem telling Avrom, "Go forth from your land and from your birthplace and from your father's house, to the land that I will show you." These words are a powerful reminder that Avrom, too, faced a hard challenge, leaving behind everything he knew to embark on an uncertain journey. Yet, he did it. He didn't let the fear of the unknown hold him back.

Change is often daunting. Leaving behind what we know and stepping into the unknown is scary. However, just like Avrom, we possess the inner strength and courage to overcome our fears. We have the power to confront the challenges that stand between us and our personal growth. So, here I am, dragging myself out of my familiar routine, pushing through the doubts and uncertainties. It's not easy, but I remind myself of the incredible potential that awaits on the other side of change. Change is not just about fear; it's about embracing opportunities to discover our true potential. This week, regardless of whether you're naturally outgoing or more reserved, consider reaching out and saying hello to someone you see at your shul. Your warm greeting might make them feel more comfortable and motivated to return another time.

Good Shabbos

All the best Avroham Y Ross

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