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Don't let the thoughts bother you because your actions are key! - Eikev

Many times I walk down the street with a hat, jacket and teffilin. Sometimes if I am not in a Jewish neighborhood people think and act in a sense that what I am doing is strange or wrong. I found something that changes my perspective.

In this week's parsha, parshas Eikev, it says that we shouldn't fear against our enemies thoughts which includes actions. We now have a lesson that is very true with anything. In life, when a person does something, they shouldn't let other people's thoughts or actions get in the way.

So too when walking down the street and seeing people who may not like what we are doing. We shouldn't let their thought's or actions get in our way or we won't be able to do the avodah which we were put in this world for.

Good shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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