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Derailed But Bonded!

The Rav of the shul my school is hosted in, gave over a short dvar torah yesterday. During the speech he talked about how we shouldn't derail to material things by getting distracted. I took an inspiring message from this that I want to share with you as well. If you look throughout history, we had many nations that used the power of manipulation to try and derail us. Has it worked? The answer is not brief, but to explain this I would like to share a realistic mashal. There was a spiritually strong couple that was living in a town. In this town there were people who I call snatchers. They would snatch up a regular person's yiddishkiet without even blinking twice. Every day they used sly actions to take over one nice Jewish person at a time. They managed to get everyone, until they reached this couple! When they got to the couple they started slow. First, they tried to catch them off guard and nothing happened. Next, they tried the same thing but in a different form, and still nothing happened. So they decided to use a different tactic, one of pure human psychology. Which works as follows, they brought this couple tickets to the best non-Jewish concert series out there, with seats so close you can see the sweat on the band's face. This plan may not look so astonishing, but it very slowly started to work. First, it was “just one show that won't hurt anyone, then to five shows a month. Following that with more and more styled things just like it. These very nice young jewish people were turned just like the rest of the town.

My friends, don't miss my point, I am not saying this example does such a thing to a people, but everything has the power. What I want to conclude with is something I hold strong. If you have something that will illuminate the light and make a difference then use it. If you have an outlet for that reason, that's always good. DON'T get sucked in. Let's's use the force within us to conquer our own thoughts and feelings, so that we can stay bound as jews mentally and physically. I hope that in the coming days all the yidden bind together and get taught from the older generation what it means to be taken out of golus. With that in the coming, we will emulate the geulah and bring mashiach Right Now! Good shabbos All the best Avroham Y Ross

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