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Being Spontaneous - Vaetchanan

Every person has the opportunity to decide how to fill their time. For example, one can choose activities to do during the summer or classes to take during a semester. Recently, I was planning for my next semester at school and thinking about my life's direction. In the past, when I thought ideas would work out. Unfortunately, my dreams didn't become a reality because Hashem had other plans. When I thought my life was going in a specific direction, my plans would change, and I was suddenly in a new situation I had never imagined. In this week's Parsha, Vaetchanan, Moshe planned to enter the land of Israel. He brought the yidden out of Mitzrayim and spent forty years in the desert to achieve this goal. I think that by going through that much trouble, he should have been able to achieve his goal by being permitted to enter the land of Israel. I am not Hashem; therefore, there were details I did not know. Throughout the year, a person can come up with billions of scenarios for their life. Someone can decide that a potential plan is terrific, while Hashem knows it isn't. If you need to experience something you didn't consider, Hashem will put you in that situation regardless of your feelings. He will make it, so you stay in that situation for the time needed. For example, this week, I planned to go home by train. In the end, I needed to take an uber. During this ride, we had we had an amazing conversation which I needed at that moment to get through my week. Hashem put me in a situation where I could influence and be influenced, yet it was not my original plan. A person's life may change at any second, but don't get depressed because there is a reason. Hopefully, shortly, we will merit to see why certain situations happen and why we are still in this exile when we planned to leave so long ago. I hope that this week, the effort we put into transforming the world will pay off, and we will greet Moshiach right now! Have a happy, healthy, and successful shabbos All the best! Avroham Y Ross

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