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Always have faith - Kedoshim

We have made a turn finally getting passed pesach in one piece. With lots of simcha while were on a happy note i just want to turn and think even if you are a parent or not yet a parent how much our parents do for us or did for us while we were at home.

In this weeks parsha it says we should fear our parents. My question is why should we fear our parents if they are our parents shouldn’t we have a nice friendly relationship with our parents why do we have to be all scared of them when they walk through the door.

This week we read the aseres hadibros we read Hashem's ten main rules. After doing a lot of thinking and personal experiments I found that the fear you should have for a parent is only so you don’t do anything wrong meaning staying under their thinking of what you should become. Their rules are true rules of love.

Hashem when he put out the luchos in whatever way he did, was writing it with love saying this is all so my nation is gonna be fully intact, so people dont leave, we should stay as klal yisrael and seperate. This way we can all bring Moshiach as one collective unit.

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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