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Wake Up! - Shelach

In this world there are a lot of very different people with very different views, backrounds, missions or even characteristics. One thing that drives me crazy is that a person can view others in a judgemental, non appreciative way. Just because you may be taller and cooler, it doesn't mean you can make fun of someone for being short and unpopular. This past week I met someone who showed me the essence of treating every person like they were a clean sparkling jewel! For example, this guy would walk up to any person prince or pauper and treat him with the same amount of love kindness throughout.

There is a story I heard where the Lubavitcher Rebbe was asked if he ever got tired or bored from giving out dollars and seeing people all day long. The Lubavitcher Rebbe replied, that giving out dollars and talking to all of the people is in essence like polishing Hashem's jewels. A person never gets tired of counting, polishing, and shining his jewels so to i wont get bored or tired of polishing and helping Hashem's children.

In this weeks Parsha Parsha’s Shelach, Moshe sent a group of spies into Israel. During the journey they lost hope and they came back with bad news. I am not one to judge them, but it was like dropping a brick on someone who is having the best day ever! The sadness the people endured from staying out of Eretz Yisrael for so long is unexplainable, but sadly we feel that now! We know how it feels to stay out of someplace for so long. We know how it feels, even though we want to judge someone because he is short and fat, we don't. So why do people constantly do it? Staying out in the desert for fourty years was to teach us lessons that we were lacking. The same way we could take lessons out of this galus,  which are endless. Wake up my holy brothers and sisters! We have lots of work to do. If you think for one second, geulah will come with everyone split apart like bulls in a ring, you are absolutely wrong. So count each jewel as if its shining! Make up, and change the world!

The message I want to leave with you with is to join together, to treat each other without judgement, but with happiness and excitement. And through that we can make this world a better place, with geulah!

Have an amazing shabbos!

Mashiach Now

Avroham Yehudah Ross

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