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The power of one chessed - Shemini

There was a story I read in a book by r"krohn shlita. He had said there was a man that happened to be walking passed a restaurant looking for lunch and saw a not so fortunate man who was sitting and begging. So this man so nicely approached him and said what can i buy you the man than replied could i have two baked apples.

Later that week he went on a business trip he left late at night. About halfway into the trip it started to storm at one point he lost control and its a nes he was alive after that. The downside was it was after Pesach and there was nothing open. Hashgacha pratis there was one hotel that was cleaning up from pasach when this man got there they went to look at the food and found two baked apples.

Everything a person does he is accounted for measure for measure. Every judgment is graded with no flaws. In this weeks parsha we are talking about karbonos. The karbonos are brought according to the mitzvos or avairos we do. Hopefully the strength of our wanting mashiach will help hashem fulfill and guide equally to how we think and bring mashiach in the near future.

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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