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The clothing don't represent what the mind is thinking - Titzaveh

We are very soon approaching Purim and I started thinking about costumes, costumes by nature are there to cover the inside with a different picture so the inside stays safe. 

In this week's Parsha, Parshas Titzaveh,  we learn about the Suit or the uniform which the Cohen wears. Its a display of what he is on the inside and it shows the opposite of the masking ability many people use nowadays.

Each person comes out with a costume of all different styles. Some hide their face from the world out of fear, or whatever there personal reason is.And then there are some that make sure to be like the cohen who matches his inside heart with his outer costume.

A lesson we can take from all this is that everything you see isn't always real, for a good reason people feel they gotta hide behind a costume  to stay safe. I urge you to come out  and fight. Take the force of the bullet, be a cohen gadol so you can get back up but only to keep fighting. The only way you'll win is to keep falling down. We will get back up as human's, as a nation, and a world. Let's get up and throw off our mask as we storm the world and bring moshiach!

Moshiach Now 

Good shabbos 

All the best 

Avroham Y Ross

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