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Shabbos is coming; we should be happy! - Behaalotecha

Every Jewish person has a mitzva to keep shabbos.The amazing thing is there are so many people that don't take shabbos positively.

 In this week's parsha, we talk about one of the many details of shabbos for example challah. Challah starts off the seuda, but is still a point in the meal that everyone is still uncomfortable. This brings me to an alternate parable. When a person is getting ready to get on a roller coaster they are usually nervous. First the a roller coaster starts off slow and gradually throughout the ride everything gets better and better ending with the feeling of excitement to ride again. When a person starts to think about shabbos on a Friday afternoon some have a rushing feeling of nerves equivalent to getting on a scary ride. But then as the ride or the meal gets better we stop having the feeling of being scared. So why should we be nervous? Why wait till the middle? Why should we be nervous when we know that the end result will be good.

The answer I found is as follows. Nerves are the bodies way of telling us that it isn't comfortable. In order for the body to be comfortable and stay comfortable is to be in situation where it feels safe. The only way to make shabbos be ultimately comfortable is to be in Yerushaliam with mashiach. So lets help bring him and make this shabbos the most meaningful and comfortable ever.

Mashiach Now 

All the best

Good Shabbos

Avroham Y Ross

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