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Expecation Vs Reality- Shelach

When I was younger, my mother would always tell me to clean my room. Sometimes, I would come back and say it’s too hard. In those cases,  she would be disappointed because she had the belief that I could complete the task and that I didn't try hard enough.

In this week's Parsha, Hashem commanded Moshe to send twelve spies into the land of Israel. When they came back and said that the land is full of giants, they got in trouble. A question was presented by the Lubavitcher rebbe as follows: if Moshe sent spies to check out the land, why did they get punished for telling the truth? My interpretation of the Rebbe’s response is that Moshe knew the land was inhabited. His mission was that by sending spies they would come back saying what they needed to do in order to get ready, no matter if it took a lot of work or was really hard.

When my mother would send me to clean my room, she knew about the clutter all over the floor. Her mission was for me to come back and say that I would start by picking up one thing at a time even if it meant building up to cleaning the whole room. So too, when Moshe sent the spies to check out the land and, furthermore, with each and every one of us. Your mission seems hard but all Hashem wants is for us to come back and give him a plan to start even if it takes time to get there. Hashem only gives us missions we could complete just like the mission of bringing back our loved ones and reuniting in Yerushalayim. Not only is it possible but we can get there with one more act of kindness!

Moshiach Now

Good shabbos

All the best!

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