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Dig for the sparks of moshiach!

We just went through a few very busy yomim tovim, Yom Kippur being one of them. During Yom Kippur a few words were repeated many times throughout. Some stuck to my soul and will never let go. The words are as follows. “Hear our voice, HASHEM our GOD, have pity and compassion on us. Accept our prayer with mercy and favor. Bring us back to you HASHEM and we will renew our days as of old.”

Many times through life we get another chance, because we all run into spiritual problems at one time or another. The best people aren't those who always get through the tests on the first try. The best are those who fail a nice amount of times, but keep on getting up again and trying till they succeed.

These words are very strong because its a prayer between you and HASHEM. Its a prayer that can make you feel fresh like being reborn.

In this weeks Parsha we read through the first Parsha of the year, Parshas Berieshis. HASHEM created a world in which He brought together something solid packed with potental. The potential though isnt in the world, its in each and every person. We have to realize the potential. We have to change ourselves so the world can be changed one person at a time no matter how many times we fail. Because we were chosen for this job and we will work till its done. The world needs a leading force and we need to show it!


All the best 

Avroham Y Ross

Good shabbos

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